Language Rush is alive!

Hello everyone. I had a blog called Language Rush for a while, which was about the wild and weird and wonderful world of linguistics, and then I sort of left it. Eventually I took it offline to revamp it, and then I sort of... over-revamped it, so now I'm going to have to slowly re-post everything I have from the old blog, lightly updated.

(Umm, by over-revamped it, I mean I took it offline, and... couldn't figure out how to get it back online in a useful form. I did rescue the posts and post metadata from the database, though. 221,680 lines of XML bliss to wade through. My pain is your gain.)

I'm going to try to post something original every week or so, but that depends on how well I can juggle my time (this website is not paying my bills). So, as a sort of compromise, I won't post everything from my old blog all at once. I'll let my old posts out a week at a time, so I have time to work on new material and come to grips with the posting schedule.

I'm also doing something new: I'm setting up a video channel for Language Rush. I have a video ready to go in a couple of moments.

Here's what you can look forward to over the next few weeks.

New content

  • A video about Drumpf
  • A video about the English (Singapore) setting on Siri
  • Several videos about phonetics
  • Whatever suggestions come in between now and the completion of the above (please send them in! Email me at or tweet @languagerush)
  • Whatever else I come across or think of next

Old material

  • A complaint about cognates and false friends
  • "Want" as future auxiliary in Singlish: as in, "I eat until I want to die already!"
  • A ton of parallel translations, where I take a song that was translated from English into another language, and translate it back into English. Since I'm really into Broadway as well as languages, it's convenient for me that transferring a production to another market often requires a translation. These parallel translations include:
    • Six different translations of Let It Go (two Mandarin to English, two Spanish to English, German to English, and Catalan to English)
    • Defying Gravity (Spanish to English, German to English)
    • As Long As You're Mine (Spanish to English, German to English)
    • No Good Deed (Spanish to English, German to English)
    • The Gods Love Nubia (German to English)
    • Do You Hear The People Sing? (three different Spanish to English translations)
  • Investigating the High German Consonant Shift through trying to listening to songs in Dutch
  • The use of "already" as an aspect marker in Singlish: "You eat already?" vs "Are you going to eat already?"
  • The evolution of the Catalan periphrastic past tense: how Catalan ended up "backwards" compared to its neighbouring languages