The TestDaF Quest: Week Two Update

What German learning did I do this week?


Okay, that’s overly dramatic - but it is kind of true. I’m going to have to commit to something every week, instead of leaving my goals out in the ether.

I’ve realised that what I need right now is a total refresher on German grammar and basic vocabulary, so my goal for the next two weeks is to complete this entire course:

Duolingo German.png

I have many reservations about Duolingo, especially regarding its assessment of “fluency”. I think it sets the bar for fluency a little too low. That said, right now, according to Duolingo, I am just 26% fluent in German.

If I can’t complete the Duolingo German course, I am definitely not reaching fluency.

I’m giving myself two weeks to complete the whole thing, and then we’ll see where we go from there.

In the meantime, I did get some German singing practice in this week. Two recordings, to make up for last week’s missing recording.

Here is the Badnerlied, the Song of the People of Baden:

And here is the German national anthem (it gets a little messy, my college choir conductor would not be pleased):