The TestDaF Quest: Collecting Thoughts, and This Week in Baden

I've been feeling out the terrain, and boy, I have a lot to say about getting into the groove of learning German. There's so much that I didn't have time to collect my thoughts this week, so I'll just leave you with a quick overview of Badisch news this week.

This week in Baden

In Rheinfelden, on the Germany-Switzerland border: Outdoor dining till midnight: what's the early verdict?

In Lörrach: Threats against Lörrach's city councillor Di Prima: "Hunt and kill the Leftist pigs!"

In classical music: Are women the better conductors?

In Freiburg and Gundelfingen (the municipality north of Freiburg): Fake fifties circulating at the Tent Music Festival and the Gundelfinger Village Fest

In Rust, home of Europe's second-most popular theme park and second-highest roller coaster: The cool nun Teresa was a guest at Europapark. She skateboards to house visits and "rolls through the district", reports BZ, and, with a priest, won 100,000 Euros on a quiz show in 2010.

Prior to last week, I only knew one thing about Bad Krozingen: there's a strawberry farmer there who brings her strawberries to a farmer's market in Freiburg every Saturday. Now I know two things: Walter Scheel, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany under Helmut Schmidt, lived and died in Bad Krozingen.

The Badische Zeitung would have you know that sport parks and skate parks are expensive, and that's why they're chipping in to help build one in Titisee-Neustadt.

And a personal favourite this week: Freiburg, these are your street musicians.